Meet Our Teachers

Karina grew up in Mexico City, where she majored in Organizational Psychology, worked as an Organizational Development consultant, and earned 3 Coaching certificates: Executive Coaching, Business Coaching and Life Coaching. 

In 2006 she started practicing yoga independently and short after continued guided by her mentor for 7 years. Her first certification began in 2010 as Hatha Yoga instructor in Yoga Espacio (Mexico City), encompassing elements of Iyengar methodology, anatomy, philosophy, and Buddhist meditation, during 600  hours in 2 years. 

Karina began her experience as a Yoga instructor in 2011. Sharing the Yoga teachings in parallel to her professional practice, enriched her vision in both fields. Being a Professional Coach, she is able to interact closer with her students, actively listen and use the assertive language that is fundamental to any Yoga instructor.

In 2014 she completed the second certification in Advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa, under the instruction of Jamie Clark E-RYT 500 in Koh Samui, Thailand, specializing in the Rocket sequences of Larry Schultz.

Her training allows her to create sequences that focus on helping the students achieve the appropriate alignment in the asanas (hatha), with the flow that vinyasa generates, by coordinating the movement with the breathing, activating the quality of irradiation in the most effective way.

Karina feels privileged and proud to hopefully being able to contribute to her students’ lives by creating a space and time where they can experience a physical, mental and energetic transformation, that gives them a positive sensation and experience to their Being.

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Doha has been teaching dance since she was 15 years old, she is a certified Zumba Instructor and a DJ. After moving to Dubai from Miami, she joined the team at The Studio full time. Doha is constantly looking out for new techniques and trends in fitness. As a result, she has mastered a way to turn plain old exercise into a fun, creative and cardio-challenging dance class.

Her “Dance Mash-Up” class is choreographed to the latest music tracks from all over the world. Doha passionately explains: “My aim is to constantly adapt to my clients' needs and preferences in order to make their experience fun and rewarding every time”.



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Dessi believes that yoga is a journey of self-discovery. Yoga helps make you aware of what you do and how you do it, developing the ability to stay centered and balanced at all times.

With Dessi’s constant passion to help people, came the acquiring of several other healing methods. She is a certified JSJ, Pranic Healing and Reiki Practitioner.  

Nothing makes Dessi happier than witnessing a person's own transformation and growth. "Life is too short, we can do almost everything we desire, we have all the potential inside ourselves. Sometimes we just need to find the key to open our own treasure box and live life to the full extent”.


Ayeshah has over 20 years of experience in dance fitness training, aerobics, strength training, and personal training. Ayeshah is a certified personal trainer, Zumba instructor, and a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Ayeshah focuses on a person's well being through dance fitness and inner healing. Ayeshah energises and fuses her classes with dance, movement, visualisation, and music.






Edita, inspired by precise practice of Konstantin Miachin,  completed her 200 hrs Vikasa Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

To keep updated with teaching trends and methods she continues expanding her knowledge furthermore with professionals such as Michelle Lam (yoga anatomy & physiology), Yogi Nora and Kino MacGregor. She will continue to the 300hr completion in 2014.

Edita encourages creativity and challenge of inner-self during each class in order to overcome the physical limitations of our mind. She believes that yoga transforms, heals and enlightens.



Jaspreet is a Personal Trainer, fully certified Pilates Mat Foundations Teacher from the Pilates Institute of America and also Certified Mat teacher from Balance Body. She has also fully trained in Resist & Reform with Elastic Band, Mat & Roller, Pilates Ring and Soft Ball from Balance Body. She has been practicing since 2007, attending classes with leading qualified and talented instructors along the way.

She works with everyday people, clients from all paths of life and hopes to inspire each one to find something in the work that becomes their own.

Her caring nature and genuine love for The Pilates Method creates a safe place to explore and challenge your potential. Jaspreet works to integrate and improve posture, spinal flexibility, muscle strength, and connection to the core. Sometimes simply moving through our day can be difficult, but when we move from our center with the support of the breath and focused attention, it can be lot easier!


Jolanta was first introduced to Pilates in Poland by an osteopath whom she went to see with bad lower back pain. For a while, Pilates was all she could do. Seeing the tremendous change the exercise made, Jolanta decided to become a Pilates instructor and motivate, help and inspire others.  She holds Level 1 Stott Pilates Certification and is a dedicated and passionate teacher at the Studio.

“Pilates helps with posture, improves balance and stretches the muscles. Most exercises can be performed by anyone, at any age and ability as they are quite simple. Pilates is a good form of exercise because it works the entire body, building strength in each muscle. It corrects posture and pelvis alignment while strengthening the deepest layers of the core muscles in order to support the whole body.”


Founder of Shanti Life, Kim Williamson has been in the health and beauty industry for as long as she remembers. Her life is a continuous learning journey about mind, body and spirit, nutrition, health and fitness, and relaxation methods with over 20 years practise as a holistic face and body work therapist and 15 years teaching Yoga and various complimentary therapies. 

Kim uses a variety of styles, which integrate her experience of Iyengar, Hatha, Astanga, Kaya Kalpa, and Restorative yoga, emphasising awareness of mind, body and breath whilst focusing on correct alignment.

“I believe that while yoga makes our bodies stronger and more flexible, yoga's greatest gifts are helping us to heal by stilling our mind and finding peace and an open heart~ which brings us back to grace.”

Kim provides a safe, nurturing environment to allow students to develop their own understanding of yoga. Kim has also been doing healing bodywork and therapeutic massage incorporating Swedish, acupressure and aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki to bring the body back to balance. Kim has produced a yoga music CD and just finished work on her first DVD, which will be launched through body in balance TV in March 2014.