Studio Etiquette: A guide to help enhance your experience at The Studio.

Punctuality is key

  • Please do not leave the studio while the class is in progress
  • All classes begin on time, please make it a habit to arrive early (10-15 minutes before class begins)
  • For physical safety & respect to all, we do not accept late entry after the first 5 minutes
  • Please do not leave the room while the class in progres

Silence is golden

  • Please respect silence. Please refrain from speaking during class. if necessary, speak   in low tones to avoid disturbing or distracting fellow students

 Leave the world outside the studio

  •  Please  do not use mobile phones, switch off mobile phones or place on silent at all times

 Smile & be positive

  • "Be the change you wish wish to see in the world", enter the studio with a smile, leave stress & any negativity outside
  • Kindly be friendly & courteous to fellow students & staff at all times

 The teacher is a there for a reason

  • Please follow the teacher’s instructions, discuss any medical considerations, injuries, pregnancy or special medications with your teacher

  • Please let us know if you prefer no hands-on physical corrections or adjustments

 You are a part of a group

  • Students are reminded that in group classes the teacher’s role is to guide & assist students through the class, which may not include the demonstration of all postures

 You are the center of your universe

  • During class, focus only on yourself.
  • Listen to your body, you should not stay in a position that is causing pain or electrical impulses

 Keep it light

  • Yoga & fitness training work best on an empty stomach, eat lightly or not at all 2-3 hours before class & 30 minutes after class

 Keep it clean

  • Please remove your shoes outside of the practice studio, you may leave your shoes under the benches

Keep it odorless

  • Please be mindful of personal hygiene, personal odors, avoid strong perfumes/colognes for class

 Keep your space clean

  • Kindly clean the space you have used & wipe any good sweat left behind
  • Kindly put away all of your mats, props & equipment neatly

Remember to hydrate

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water, especially after class to continue flushing toxins from your system